The Probios® Intelliflora® 10-Day Challenge has Ended

Thank you to our participants!

Though the 10-Day Challenge has drawn to a close, you may still purchase this amazing product for your canine or feline friend! Simply visit for details!

Maintaining good digestive health can be challenging for your pet, especially if Rover is prone to helping himself to snacks in your pantry! Probios® Intelliflora® offers dog and cat owners a simple and convenient way to support their pet's balanced gut microflora while promoting normal immune system function.

Benefits of Probios® INTELLIFLORA®

  • Combination of beneficial bacterial supports proper digestion in dogs and cats
  • Promotes normal immune system function
  • Helps maintain normal appetite and stool consistency
  • Restores a balanced belly during stressful times like travel or boarding
  • Contains a guaranteed level of live microorganisms
  • Single-use packets make it easy and convenient


  • Contains 200 million "viable" colony forming units (CFU) of four strains of beneficial bacteria - 2x more CFU than the market leading brand, which has only one bacteria strain
  • Formula is safe and stable for your pet's tummy
  • Does not include antibiotics
  • Awarded the industry's top quality seal
  • Made in the USA